Thank you for attending LIVE at The Levee on Friday 21 August 2020.

Please provide your contact details for contact tracing purposes.

To make sure LIVE at The Levee is a COVID Safe experience we ask you to observe the following rules:

  • If you feel unwell please do not attend LIVE at The Levee. Check your symptoms on the NSW Government website here and consider getting tested.
  • Upon arrival at The Riverlink you will need to sign in and provide your contact details. Maitland City Council will only use this information for contact tracing purposes and destroy the details after 28 days.
  • The number of stools provided will be the maximum number of people that can be in the space (30). This does not count the alfresco area of COQUUN. You might need to wait outside The Riverlink until someone leaves if we are at capacity.
  • We ask you to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from people who are not in your household.