During the winter school holidays, The Levee gave away free art packs which were created by local artists Nina Katzmarski, Helen Hopcroft, Anna Eggenhuizen and Katrina Holden. We asked everyone to share their creations with us by using #TheLevee to go in the draw to win an art pack.

Congratulations to Lily Sutton  (age 10) the creator of this beautiful Concertina Book.

Lily’s artwork pictured below was submitted by her parents on Facebook by using #TheLevee to win a prize of art supplies valued at $100.

We received a variety of submissions from budding young artists. Thank you all for entering and getting creative at The Levee.

Thank you to everyone who got creative and sent in their artworks to the competition. Special mention to Ava (age 5) submitted by Josie Wright, Ciara (age 12) submitted by Kelly Knox, Dominic (age 3) submitted by Kyra Caldwell, Cordelia (age 9) submitted by Charmaine Marshall, Koby (age 8) and Izaiah (age 6) both submitted by Linda Anne and Madeline (age 5) submitted by Zoe Cox.

We loved looking at your artworks and hope you take part in future fun activities at The Levee.



While all the packs are gone, with a few simple art supplies you can get creative at home and creative your own masterpiece. Follow the instructions and watch the how to videos below before you start.

Each activity is suitable for people over five years of age but parental supervision is recommended.

Make and Illustrate Your Own Concertina Book

Part One Making your Book

Developed by artists Nina Katzmarski, these great concertina books involve a series of steps folding and gluing paper provided.Younger people may need a little help to complete this one.

Click on the video to the right for instructions from the artist herself.

Part Two Illustrating your Book

Artist Helen Hopcroft has prepared instructions with ideas on what you can write draw and create in your concertina book. She has also prepared the video to the right to get those creative juices flowing.

For more information about Helen visit her Pateron Page or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Paint your own

Paint your own Picasso Masterpiece

Pablo Picasso was one of the most revolutionary modernist artists. His iconic portraits captured the essence of a person rather than what they actually looked like. This technique became known as cubism, named after the angular and basic shapes he used.

In this fun drawing and painting activity you get the chance to make art just like Picasso. The pack includes instructions, a small cardboard canvass and paints.

This activity was developed by local artist Anna Eggenhuizen.

Click the dots for more images.

Paint your own Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

The Starry Night is one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. By following a series of steps you will recreate this famous painting using pencil and paint.

This landscape painting is so popular because the colours swirls and shapes of the view from Van Gogh’s window are said to reflect his state of mind.

Following the steps of this activity will take care and patience. Younger children may prefer to paint the view from their window.

This activity was developed by local artist Katrina Holden.

Click the dots for more images.