The Levee Shared Zone is a space where pedestrians and vehicles safely share a common place. The Shared Zone can be accessed by vehicles going one way west bound on High Street between Bourke and Elgin Streets.

Within the Shared Zone pedestrians and vehicles are equal. The speed limit is 10km/h and there are no road lines, kerb or gutter, and drivers must give way to pedestrians.

Vehicles can only park in The Levee Shared Zone if they obey the signs and park in the marked bays.

The walking speed of most pedestrians is close to 10km/h and drivers that travel at a lower speed are better able to control their vehicles safely.

The 10km/h speed limit is in keeping with the Safe System approach to road safety adopted in NSW, where speed limits are set to reflect the risk to road users and be more forgiving of human error.

The Levee Shared Zone is designed differently to the way people commonly think about streets and how pedestrians interact with vehicles. The space doesn’t look like a normal road and the street environment makes drivers and pedestrians aware of the different driving conditions.

There are also different surface textures and traffic calming features like these throughout the Shared Zone.


Signs like this are used to clearly define the beginning of the Shared Zone.

A sign like this is used to indicate the end of the Shared Zone.

The Levee Shared Zone is a place for all users, and Maitland City Council is strongly focused on pedestrian and vehicle traffic safety.

The Levee Shared Zone is a space for everyone, so users need to be familiar with the traffic rules and always take care whether travelling as a pedestrian or in a vehicle

The traffic rules that apply in The Levee Shared Zone include:.

  • Drivers must give way to pedestrians.
  • The speed limit is 10km/h.
  • Vehicles can only park in marked bays.