A burst of knitted colour for Maitland

If you have spent any time in Central Maitland over the last week you might have noticed the splash of colour that has made its mark across the city.

The knitted pieces, which are wrapped around bollards, lightposts, trees, tables, gates and much more, are courtesy of the hard work of the Maitland Knitter’s Guild and the Walka Grange Lifestyle Village, and are part of Council’s Warming the Streets Place Activation project.

Affectionately known as ‘yarn bombing’, locals would have noticed the artwork all at once, just before the Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival kicked off on August 13.

Knitters Guild member Joyce Fisher says, ‘Everyone in the Guild was furiously knitting for a number of weeks leading up to it all but now that I have had a look around Maitland I can see that it was all worth it. I might be biased, but I think it looks beautiful.

‘It also turned into something that involved knitters from the Walka Grange Lifestyle Village who were new to this sort of thing and just excited to be part of something, which made it all the more rewarding and enjoyable. Council was also great to work with on this project and even had staff doing their share of knitting’.

Place Activation Officer Amber Herrmann says, ‘Place Activation is something our team is passionate about and works hard on. The Warming the Streets project is just one example of Council’s Place Activation program, which connects people to community spaces in a way that is welcoming, safe, fun and creative.

‘We are enabling place activation initiatives across Maitland, getting local people involved in reinterpreting the built environment, and creating vibrant places and spaces all over our city’.

The pieces will be in place across the city for the next five weeks and will help bring a sense of warmth and comfort to Maitland as we leave winter and enter spring for another year.