Important message about COVID-19

LIVE at The Levee is an outdoor concert. Our COVID Safe plan requires a ‘sign in’ contact tracing procedure and limited audience numbers to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. Therefore please be aware if you attend this event you will be required to provide your contact details.

If you are feeling ill or unwell we ask that you reconsider attending LIVE at The Levee.

We will be monitoring the ongoing advice from Health Authorities and may need to postpone or cancel should the situation change. Click here for more details.

On the third Friday evening of the month, The Levee comes to life with live music.  Grab a bite to eat at the many options within the precinct, relax with friends, unwind and let the music ease you into a weekend state of mind.

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The Hedonists

The Riverlink

Friday 19 March 6.00pm to 8.30pm

The Hedonists are three mates who have been playing music together for over nine years. The music is quirky, loud and all about maximising fun at no one’s expense. They released their debut album, Terrible Things, in 2015.

The Hedonists were originally slated to perform at LIVE at The Levee in April last year but was cancelled due to COVID restrictions. We are excited to have them in 2021 to let the good times roll.

COVID-19 Precautions

To make sure LIVE at The Levee is a COVID Safe experience we ask you to observe the following rules:

  • If you feel unwell please do not attend LIVE at The Levee. Check your symptoms on the NSW Government website here and consider getting tested.
  • Upon arrival at The Riverlink you will need to sign in and provide your contact details through the Service NSW system. If you do not have the capability to do this, please contact one of our staff for assistance.
  • The number of stools provided are the maximum number of people who can be in the space (30). This does not count the alfresco area of COQUUN. You might need to wait outside The Riverlink until someone leaves if we are at capacity.
  • We ask you to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from people who are not in your household.

Past Acts

Half Nelson

The Riverlink

Friday 19 February 6.00pm to 8.30pm

In February we turn down the heat with some swinging jazz performed by the elegant and smooth Half Nelson. Playing the music they love, Half Nelson boasts over twelve years of bringing the sounds of 1920s to 1950s jazz to new audiences.

Highly polished and energetic, be transported to the smoky dives of harlem, enjoy a cocktail or drink of your pleasure at one of the great nearby night spots and let half Nelson drive the blues away.

Learn more about Half Nelson on their website.

Live Across The Levee

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 15 January

This summer as part of #TurnDownTheHeat and The Levee Summer Sale, The Levee will be brought to life with a number of live music acts across The Shared Zone.

Grab a bite to eat at one of the many options within the precinct, unwind, relax with friends and let the music ease you into a weekend state of mind.

Be sure to keep up to date with all event information and updates by following our Facebook event!



The Riverside Walk

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 20 November

Slapjack are a seven piece groove machine hailing from Newcastle. The band’s collective purpose is to create and perform music that allows everyone to get up and boogie regardless of what walk of life you’re from. Their music captures everything great about funk and soul music from killer horn lines to the groovy bass grooves. They throw a dance pop twist into it too with incredible guitar hooks, rising synths and beautiful melodies delivered with such power it will make even your dad cry.

Baguette – Sounds from the Parisian Streets

The Riverlink

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 16 October

Join guitarist Damian ‘Pana’ Watson (Cygan Groove) and accordionist Neil Simpson (Cygan Groove and Baltic Bar Mitzvah) join forces again to as Baguette. Bringing you the sultry sounds, the cabarets, cafes and bars of bohemian Paris, this singular performance of French standards will have you crooning for a romantic evening on the Siene.

Sid Berry

The Riverlink

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 18 September

Newcastle based, Sid creates music live before your eyes by the art of live looping. Heavily influenced by reggae he brings a positive feel with an emphasis on the offbeat. Sid expresses his love of avocados with his hilarious jam ‘The Avocado Song’ that you can listen to here on Triple J Unearthed or watch the clip below.

Photo by Dylan Heckenburg

The Lyrebird Experiment

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 21 August

The Lyrebird Experiment is a collaboration between Eliza Leah Lane and Sean Ballenden. Their two artistic styles come together to create compositions of hypnotic dark blues-rock undertones relishing in brooding soundscapes and improvisation. The experiment blends Sean’s raw psychedelic guitar playing with Eliza’s haunting vocals. Every Lyrebird performance is a different journey as they explore their ever changing repertoire between the occasional cover of the music that inspires them.

Doc and the Delegates

6.00pm to 8.30pm Friday 17 July

Doc & The Delegates are a street music string band from Newcastle. Billy Bones and Jono Smith will be performing as a duo for LIVE at The Levee, so Doc & the ‘Delegate’.

In the band’s short life, their virtuosity and energetic live performances have brought joy to raucous audiences. Their first release ‘Real To Reel’ is a live to tape album that captures the intangible joy of skilled musicians together in the same room, around a mic, straight to tape, recording how it used to be done. Expect anything from straight ahead bluegrass to cuban son, to classical and punk. Doc & The Delegates always bring real music and real fun.

You can have a listen to their latest release ‘Burn the Camp & Pray to Drones’ here.

The Riverlink on Friday 20 March  6.00pm – 8.30pm – Huckleberry

Harking back to the sounds of rhythm and blues, Huckleberry plays a selection of toe-tapping, hip swinging, hand picked gems from times past. With a large array of tongue-in-cheek originals such as “Sorry, Sorry for Saying Sorry So Often”, “Your Baby Don’t Do Like My Baby Do” and the crowd favourite “Talk Too Much”, you’ll find yourself singing these tunes in the shower for months to come. You’re guaranteed to laugh, dance, and drink a little more than usual.