Remember to park right at The Levee. Council Rangers are stepping up their enforcement within The Levee Shared Zone, ensuring that people are parking in signposted areas only. The map below shows that the river side of The Shared Zone has a mix of half hour parking, disabled parking,  loading zones as well as no parking areas. It also shows that the entire other side, so the left hand side as you are driving through is no stopping. This also includes both sides of the Bulwer Street entry/exit way to The Shared Zone.

Vehicles which park outside designated areas in The Levee Shared Zone impact the safety of shared zone users, affect the amenity for local shoppers and reduce the area available for a range of users to utilise the space for its intended purpose.

To avoid attracting a parking fine, users of The Levee Shared Zone should park in signposted areas only or take advantage of the 500 on street and over 3,000 off street parking spaces within a 500 metre radius outside The Levee Shared Zone.

Check out the map below of the The Shared Zone, plus see the interactive map at the bottom of this page to locate all the parking locations at The Levee.